Joe Rian Bearcat T

Bearcat T-Shirt

Take a Bear and a Mountain Lion and see what your get.

A Bearcat!. Get your “I Dig Joe Rian Songs” Bearcat T-Shirt.

Next Generation Tri Blend T in Various  Sizes.

Black or Vintage Turquoise

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Joe Rian & The A.M.Drinkers – Live at Blue Island Beer Co.

Joe Rian & The A.M. Drinkers – Live in Blue Island Beer Co.

Have a listen to Joe and the Drinkers in their natural environment. Joe and the band run through a couple sets of songs plus six songs from the Drinker’s Slide Player Extraordinaire Jim Parks (A.K.A Jimbo Delta). Sit back, relax and put those headphones. You can almost smell the hops in the air can’t you?

Recorded December 8, 2018 by Dave Johnson with his Mobile Hippy Band Recording Rig | Expertly Mastered by Jason McCully | Artwork © 2019 Mr Bridgeport Records ASCAP#540777148 | Photo by Al | All Songs ? 2019 Ryan, Joseph Michael ASCAP#538885891 except 3,5,9,10,11,15,18,20,21,22 |  2019 Mr Bridgeport Records ASCAP#540777148 9211 South Ridgeway Avenue, Evergreen Park, IL 60805. Email:

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The Additives

Joe Rian & The Additives – Should It End

The Additives’ second release, Should It End, plays out as all great sophomore efforts should: not only is it a significant step up in production quality from the home recordings of Back In Bridgeport, but it is also a solid indication of a songwriter and band melding into a singular voice, one of musical adventure and lyrical penetration; a voice in the midst of absorbing the human condition with eyes wise to our foolish hearts. This time around, instead of recording in the spare room of Joe and Sheila’s apartment, they recruited the services of Oscar Salinas and Mike Czaszwicz to capture the band’s expanding journey.

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Momma Drove a School Bus

School Bus T-Shirt

“Momma Drove A School Bus 80 Miles a Day” School Bus T-Shirt
Just Like the Song Said: “”Momma Drove A School Bus 80 Miles a Day, To Bring Us Presents on Christmas Day”
Brand: Next Level
Triblend Crew – 601
Super Soft
Does Not Shrink!
Screened in Blue Island, Illinois.
Shipped from Evergreen Park, Illinois.

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