Let’s talk about Saturday March 10th.


This Saturday March 10th I’ll be starting my Second Saturday Residency at Blue Island Beer Company. Music gets started promptly at 7pm and will be over at 10pm. Nice right. Seems so hard these days to get out to late shows. Chicago is a good music town but I feel like so many venues would have better success and draw if they’d start their shows earlier. What music loving adult with children can see a band at midnight?

They do it right at BIBCo. Shows start early and they close down around 10pm on most nights.

Earlier in the afternooon they are celebrating St. Variant Day by taping some variants of their favorite relasees!? BA Underground Communique w/ Coconut, ?BA Underground Communique w/ Vanilla, ?BA Underground Communique w/ Raspberries, ? Jerk Store Cream Soda Stout w/ Peanut Butter?BA Lost Weekend Rye Barleywine, Jerk Store barrel. So if you are a beer nerd, you may want to check that out. I cannot gaurentee there will be any left at 6pm but I am confident that they will have a fine brew that you can enjoy.

If you are looking for a bite before the show might I recommend Giussppe’s Trattoria. A no frills family joint that’s been serving up some pretty kick ass Italian fare at a very good price for over forty years. You may want to phone ahead for seats or you can always get a pie to go and bring it around the corner to the brewery. There is also good Mexican and Cajun food in walking distance.

Let’s talk music!

As you know I am putting together a new long term band to work with. This band will be performing for the first time together and playing the last set of the night. Featuring Jimbo Delta on slide guitar, Michael Dumont on bass and Jonny Watts on drums. Mike and Jon are the rythme section of my favorite Southside band The Juke Shakers.

Ok back to it….

I will be doing a little solo set at 7pm that will be followed by Americana Slide Master Jimbo Delta. 7:30-8:00.

Following up Jim will be a white hot band that just released their second record last month. Erin Edmister and Three Tons. 8:00-8:45. This is straight up high Energy Southern Style Rock. This guy sings his ass off and has a Texas guitar player Killian Sweeney filling in the sound with twangy, drippy lead work. I could watch Killian play guitar all day. My new lineup will then play the last set of the night.


The show is free, starts promptly at 7pm. A tip jar will be present and merch available for purchase.

See you out there?

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