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I started this little “music for your ears” site for people that enjoy music. Not just to deliver my music, but for the folks that like to discover new artists, more specifically new songwriters and learn about the underpinnings of the artist and their approach.

Over time I’ll be interviewing songwriters and getting down to the business of what lies behind themselves and their songs. If you are a local songwriter and would like me to check out your recordings for consideration feel free to drop me an email and a digital link. I’ll promise to give it a listen. If I like it I’ll write about it. If I super-duper like it, I’ll ask for an interview. I prefer most types of music but this site will focus on Americana, Folk, Roots, Alt Country and Singer Songwriter styles.

I’ll focus on the “nobodies”. The guys and gals that have not “made it”. Writers that drag themselves out to perform on stages because they feel they have to. Writers that form bands and make records. It’s just what they do. It’s how they make their art. It’s who they are. Let’s face it. At .003 cent per digital stream, no one is quitting their day job. I may interview a veteran of the scene or a young upstart. It may be their tenth record or their first. I’ll talk with them about the “whys” as in -why the hell do you continually drag yourself out to perform these songs you’ve written. We’ll be talking about the process of writing. Does it start with a melody, a chord wheel, a dream you had? It’s different for everybody.

You can’t talk to writers without talking about open microphones. We will talk about were and how they got started. What was the hardest thing for them cutting their teeth and what did they do to get better. I used to host Bernice’s open mic for about ten years and for the first few years I booked the bands as well. BTW they still have music and their mic is still going strong every Thursday.

It usually goes like this: Songwriter “A” comes in to perform at the mic regularly. They keep getting better. Their craft and stage presence gets better, the timing, the playing, the singing and they eventually get good enough to put a band together…and then they kind of head out to the jungle so to speak.

I honed my craft there, worked out new songs and learned how to be a better performer. What I noticed the most was the gradual progression and growth that happens to the regular players at these things. It really is where it happens real time. Good and BAD. You get a little of all of it. It’s my belief that you get better by doing it in front of people. No one can hear that great new song of yours when you play it in your bedroom.

So if you have something interesting you’d like me to hear, feel free to reach out. If you’re new to the game, get out there and get your work in. Get out to your local open mic and get to work. We’ll be listening.

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