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Let’s talk Sat. March 24.

This Saturday March 24 we’ll be playing at my favorite dive bar on the Southside, Bernice’s Tavern.

We lost Bernice last year but her boys still keep the coolers running and the mix of locals and kool kids keep coming in. Settle in at this joint for a couple a pops and you’ll see why this little bar is consistently ranked as one of the best dive’s in the city. The routine at B’s? Stingo on Wednesday, Open Mic on Thursday, Mike’s night on Friday and Bands on Saturday leaves Sunday available for Steve’s crazy Bloody Marys. How do I know all this? Well, you can just say that a friend of mine told me.

We will get started at 9:30 with a mini solo set from myself, Jimbo Delta and BC Carter. Then a full set with the band.

See you out there.

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joe rian

Let’s Talk Friday March 2nd

I mentioned in my first post that I started taking new show dates and was going to build a brand new, long-term band to work with. The time has come to let you know about one of the players that I am really excited to be working with. Before I do let’s first talk in specifics about the show lineup for this Friday March 2nd at The Law Office Pub and Music Hall in Yorkville Il.

Back before the Holidays I hosted a house concert for the hardest working man in Americana music, Nick Dittmeier. Nick and his band are at this point a pure DIY outfit. They have been for a number of years now. Doing it the hard way with no booking agent or publicist or label support. He and his bandmates play music on the road for a living and are responsible for everything that comes with it. Last year they played 126 shows. Take a moment and listen to Nick Dittmeier and his sideman-guitar player Jason Payton performing to a sit down crowd at our house concert.


If you liked live music and lived in Bridgeport in the late 90s and early 2000’s you will probably be familiar with an artist named Jimbo Delta. He played all the joints. Buddy’s, Harlem Ave, and about another 140 dates in 1999. Did I forget to mention a day job? Yea and a day job at the same time. DIY for sure. I’ve always considered him an Americana Slide Master. He has released some very nice records. I guess you should take a minute and give a listen his excellent 2008 album Beginning Without Endings in its entirety.


Now that you’ve heard Jim can you understand my excitement! If I was good enough I’d be backing him on chunky acoustic rhythm guitar. I somehow have a sneaking suspicion that some of that may be happening in the future. Friday we will be playing as a two piece.

I have not heard Eric Swartz in person but have listened to some of his extensive catalog on Bandcamp. He will bring his songwriting perspective to the stage at 8pm.

Maybe we’ll see you out there?

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Set Times

8:00 pm – Eric Peter Swartz

8:45 pm – Joe Rian with Jimbo Delta

9:00 pm – Nick Dittmeier and the Sawdusters

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