About the Uncommon Ground Show Friday May 18


I know some of you have already bought tickets for this listening room performance on Friday at Uncommon Ground. I regret to inform you that I will not be able to perform Friday but my partner Jimbo Delta ( Jim Parks) is going to fill in the slot with his material …which is outstanding… He truly is a musical hero of mine and I am always thrilled to listen to him. A mid-westerner’s Sonny Landreth but with better lyrics and more distinct sound IMO.

My last living Uncle, George Logan of Rock Falls Illinois passed away on Monday and services are being held today Thursday the 17, May and tomorrow Friday 18th, May.  I do not think I will be in the right mindset to sing and play after seeing him off. We are going to spend a little time in Rock Falls visiting family and showing off the kids. The cycle of life is brutal but adoring. Whenever a loved one passes it seems like the little ones help you keep it all in perspective. The next few days will be all about family.

Please see the show, have a drink. You will not be disappointed by any of the performances.


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